As an innovator and leader in educational technology, Willowdale Elementary School uses technology to enhance teaching and learning. We provide students access to the tools that are shaping our global society in order to match their learning needs, give students an authentic audience, and support learning and achievement. Willowdale teachers use technology as a communication tool to connect to families, the community, and the world. Teachers strive to infuse technology into each subject area and grade level. Teachers craft lessons that have students use technology and information for a genuine purpose as technology is not introduced for its own sake. Use of technology is part of the daily work for all employees to increase productivity, communication, and management and to model life skills for students. Willowdale’s thoughtful and productive use of technology
makes our school a better place to teach and learn while preparing students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Mrs. Cathy Greenwald is Willowdale's Technology Specialist.