Mission Statement

Willowdale Elementary, a caring school community, guarantees visionary and innovative educational opportunities for diverse learners in order to inspire and promote personal excellence and responsible citizenship for all. 


We will embrace and connect all aspects of our diverse population and programs in order to invest in our school community.

    *Successfully build parent and community connections to enhance students’ learning and engagement.

    *Create opportunities for our diverse population (cultural, academic, socio-economic) for mutual benefit of the             school and the local and global community.

    *Implement enrichment opportunities for our diverse school community with parental and community support.

We will evaluate current building systems to maximize the time, talent and tools available.

    *Examine staff development opportunities to best meet the needs of staff members.

    *Examine BIST data and procedures to best meet the needs of our school community.

    *Refine our scheduling process in order to create a Willowdale master schedule.

    *Analyze best practices for student placement and teaching strategies in order to support individual growth.

We will implement instructional strategies to improve students’ college and career readiness skills.

    *We will implement strategies to increase positive student identity and hope in academic, social and emotional             settings.

    *Refocus Millard’s PK-12 College and Career Readiness Standards & Indicators Matrix and Assessment Rubrics               into Willowdale culture.

    *Capitalize on opportunities for students and staff to make cross-curricular connections to become real life problem     solvers.