Welcome to Willowdale! 

 I am excited to welcome everyone to the 2019-2020 school year.  This is my fourth year as principal of Willowdale Elementary and I am proud to be a Wildcat!  I have been in education for 18 years.  I received my undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Northern Iowa and my Masters degrees in Speech-Language Pathology and Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  Before coming to Willowdale, I served as the Administrative Intern at Neihardt Elementary in Millard.  My husband Ben and I have 5 children who attend Millard Schools.  In our house, we enjoy baseball, softball, and all things Red Sox!

At Willowdale, kids are at the heart of everything that we do!  We work to ensure that school is a place where kids continue to learn and grow each day. We provide opportunities to push student thinking, shine at things that they do well, and provide support when things are more difficult. 

Our positive school culture is supported by our school rules, “It’s never OK to be hurtful” and “It’s never OK to be disruptive.”  As a school family we work to teach positive behavior and college and career readiness skills to all students.  We focus on being kids of character throughout the day and during our family group meetings. 

We know that in order for us to be our best it takes the collective efforts of students, staff, families, and our community.  Our PTO and staff have lots of wonderful opportunities planned for kids and families throughout the year.   We would love it if you could join us for some of these events.  My door is always open and I welcome phone calls and visits!  Hope to see you all soon!

                                                                                                  Amanda Wharton-Hunt